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MotoCarma is a mobile app that provides realtime driver feedback on driving behavior and nearby risks by using the phone’s GPS and internet connectivity. The app detects aggressive accelerations, braking and speeding to calculate an overall safe driving score. With an optional Bluetooth device (), the app will continuously check for a check engine light and other conditions like high oil temp or low fuel level (if available on the vehicle).

Insurance Telematics
If you tailgate, you likely will not score well in insurance telematics programs and not be able to achieve the discount you could. Use our app to curtail your hard braking and accelerations to help prepare for a telematics monitoring program. Even use it during the program for realtime feedback.

Driving Score
Check for trends about your own driving and compare your score against others. The more you drive, the more points you earn.

Save Fuel, Pollute Less
When your car enters a high-performance power mode or you accelerate too aggressively, MotoCarma alerts you with a chime and on the mobile phone dashboard. Operating in a cleaner, normal-performance mode can ultimately result in reduced fuel costs and carbon footprint.

 Determine what caused your Check Engine Light
Sometimes it's serious and sometimes it's not. MotoCarma automatically tells you the fault code1 so you can consult with your service expert before it is too late.

 Reset your Check Engine Light
Save the money that service centers charge for this simple procedure. If it is something simple like your gas cap being loose, simply tighten the cap, reset the light and save your self a costly service trip.

 Prevent Engine Damage
Forgot to add coolant or get an oil change? You could cause serious damage to your engine. The High Engine Temperature Warning can prevent this from happening to your engine.

 Low Fuel Warnings2
Ever run out of gas because you ignored the warning and then forgot about it? Some cars give you one warning that your fuel is low while other cars don't warn you at all. MotoCarma will alert you of a low fuel level on your phone and prevent an embarrassing or even dangerous situation.

 Automatic Vehicle to Phone Connection
MotoCarma will automatically connect when your phone is in range of the Bluetooth link in-vehicle.

1Defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers in the J1979 standard.
2Warning not available in all vehicles.
 Requires HW device